I've searched all over internet, but couldn't find how can I invoke make from spacemacs with a keybinding (not in shell window).

All I found was this: @agriffis on gitter said the following

Aron Griffis @agriffis Nov 03 2016 22:07

I'm editing a Makefile, and spacemacs reports GNUMakefile as the major mode. That's great, but there's no auto-indentation. I have to tab in every line after hitting enter. Anybody familiar with that?

And then:

Aron Griffis @agriffis Nov 03 2016 22:35

Hmm, seems like the emacs-provided make-mode.el is just weak. Nobody cares about browser mode or electric keys. It even says in its own todo list:

;; * Eliminate electric stuff entirely.

;; * Consider removing browser mode. It seems useless.

On the other hand, it would be really nice if it did something sensible with indentation, which everybody cares about. sigh.

Does anybody have any updates on this? I use golang and Makefiles are really handy.

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You can invoke make with compile.

You can find the updates yourself with find-library (Meta-x find-library Ret make-mode Ret). That will automatically find the library and load it into a buffer for you peruse. Also you can follow its development at the Emacs github mirror

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