Suppose I has 2 jsons:

    "action": "Handler:GET_DICTIONARY",
    "locale": "en",
    "data": {"dictionary_type":"EXCHANGE_RATES_AS_DICTIONARY"}


    "action": "Handler:GET_DICTIONARY",
    "locale": "en",
    "data": {"dictionary_type":"MTS"}

I need to select only second json by regexp. The unique text to identify second json are: on first line: GET_DICTIONARY

AND on third line:


What is a correct regexp for this?

I try this regexp but it not help:


The following input for re-search-forward will do:

GET_DICTIONARY\(.* C-q C-j \)\{2\}.*MTS

The parenthesis \( and \) define a group that is exactly two times repeated by \{2\}. The content of the group is a sequence of arbitrary many non-newline characters .* and a newline that is input with C-q C-j.

After the last newline the group is followed by arbitrary many non-newline-characters .* and then by MTS.

Your main errors were

  1. that you didn't admit for the non-newline characters and
  2. that you did only admit one newline.

The basic elements for regexps are described in the Emacs manual.

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