I recently started using helm and I like it for certain things but it has broken vc-git-grep for me. I have M-. bound to vc-git-grep and my fingers have a strong muscle memory. It usually pulls a symbol at point as the search target and by default it wanted to search *.js and *.jsx. That never worked in my project for some reason (even though those are the files I would want to search) so I just replace it with * and it would do a recursive git-grep nice and pretty.

Now with helm installed nothing works. If I leave the default files as *.js and *.jsx it only searches the current directory and won't recurse. If I try to replace it with *, I get an error: [Display not ready]. A helm-mode completion buffer also comes up. I don't understand why helm is involved with this command at all, because M-. is still bound to vc-git-grep, not helm-grep-do-git-grep or any other helm command.

How can I revert this great command to the way it used to work and get helm out of the way?

Emacs 25.2

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