I'm using notmuch (https://notmuchmail.org/notmuch-emacs/).

When viewing the HTML part of a mail that has a link (using a href tag), I can right-click on it and select "Open Link in <browser>". This correctly gets the url and opens it. However, M-x browse-URL-at-point (default bound to C-c C-o) takes the word that is displayed for the link, not the underlying url.

Am I missing some customization somewhere?

  • I don't know notmuch. Nevertheless: browse-url-at-point scans only the text around point for an url. It does not consider text properties of that text. If the url is only contained in a function registered in a keymap text property of the text browse-url-at-point will not find it. If the text is clickable the last case is most likely. – Tobias Mar 6 '19 at 10:32

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