I'm using emacs 26.1 with ESS. Whenever I open a R session with M-x R it opens in a random window. However, I would like it to open in the currently selected window.

It seems to be a similar issue as here emacs opens shells in a random window, how to change this? but the provided solution does not work for me.

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I am using the package shackle for that. After the package is installed the following setting should do what you want

(setq shackle-rules '(("*R:?[0-9]?*" :regexp t :same t)))
(shackle-mode 1)

If you do not want to use an external package you might be able to adapt this answer https://emacs.stackexchange.com/a/13585/15268 to your needs.

Note: the regexp R:?[0-9]? ensures that the setting applies to all intances of R. The buffer with the first instance is called *R* and the second is *R:2* etc. on my system.


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