I have a project I build using cmake. To build this project, I need to define several options like -DPRODUCT=amd64 -DXML_DIR=/opt/xml_database Normally, I either pass these as -D or configure them in IDEs like qtcreator and vscode. How would I define them in package cmake-ide? I feel like I need to add these to .dir-local.el but could not find an example.


Skimming the source of cmake-ide reveals

(defcustom cmake-ide-cmake-opts
  "The options passed to cmake when calling it.  DEPRECATED, use `cmake-ide-cmake-args' instead."
  :group 'cmake-ide
  :safe #'stringp)

(defcustom cmake-ide-cmake-args
  "The options passed to cmake when calling it."
  :group 'cmake-ide
  :type '(repeat string))

So, set cmake-ide-cmake-args via customize, a setq, as a file variable or a directory local variable.

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