Is it possible to use a with-slots-type macro with an instance of a defstruct-defined class in emacs lisp? I tried and I'm getting this error:

eieio-oset: Wrong type argument: eieio-object, "some-string", obj. 

Sample code:

  (defstruct testobj a b)
  (require 'eieio)
  (with-slots (a b)  (make-testobj :a 1 :b 2)
    (message "value: %s:"  (list a b))))

While waiting for a better answer, I wrote a with-slots macro that seems to work with defstruct instances:

(defmacro my-with-slots (class-name slots obj &rest body)
  "Bind slot names SLOTS in an instance OBJ of class CLASS-NAME, and execute BODY."
  (declare (indent 3))
       ,(cl-loop for slot in slots
                 collect `(,slot (cl-struct-slot-value ',class-name ',slot ,obj)))

;; example
  (defstruct testobj a b)
  (let ((obj (make-testobj :a 1 :b 2)))
    (my-with-slots testobj (a b)  obj
      (message "value: %s:"  (list a b))
      (setq a 3 b 4)
      (message "value: %s:"  (list (testobj-a obj) (testobj-b obj))))))
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    Instead of the intern which will fail if the defstruct specifies a different prefix, you can use cl-struct-slot-value. As you found out, currently, slot-value and with-slots are specific to EIEIO and only work on EIEIO objects. – Stefan Mar 8 '19 at 22:54
  • Thanks, edited answer. – erjoalgo Mar 12 '19 at 1:09

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