I would like to use org-mode to facilitate weekly standups at work with people. I would like a workflow whereby I can filter the org agenda TODO list to only contain open all open TODO items in addition to DONE items that were marked DONE in the past 7 days.

I am aware of the archiving workflow but I would rather not have to archive things, just have them disappear from the agenda view after a period of time.

Is such a thing possible with a custom agenda view? I have been trying to do something with log-mode but have not been successful thus far.

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If you set org-log-done to 'time then every time you mark an entry DONE it gets a CLOSED special property added. You can search for these like other properties containing timestamps, for example CLOSED>"<-7d>" will find all entries whose CLOSED timestamp is in the last 7 days. You can add an "or" condition to also list open TODO items: TODO="TODO"|CLOSED>"<-7d>" or you can just have multiple blocks in your custom agenda.

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