When looking at annotations with the pdf-annot-list-annotations command from the pdf-tools package, I prefer to preview my annotation contents in a separate buffer, which is the default behavior. However, I would like to have this **Contents** buffer (see bottom-left buffer in the screenshot) layed out horizontally next to the annotation overview buffer. As show in the screenshot below, this is somewhat possible, but for some reason changing the location of the **Contents** buffer around disables it's ability to display annotations highlighted in the overview buffer in real-time, i.e. when changing between them. Normally (given that pdf-annot-list-follow-minor-mode is enabled), the Contents buffer follows whatever is selected in the annotations overview buffer.

Why is the Contents buffer so finicky? How do I put horizontally next to my annots buffer (the buffer containing an overview of all annotations in the bottom-right) so that it still displays my annotation contents on the fly when switching between annotations? I suspect it has something to do with the splitting function assigned to pdf-annot-edit-contents-display-buffer-action, but I don't see a lot of difference when changing it and none of the recommended functions indicate anything about horizontal splitting.


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