I am using Python with elpy. I am trying to use a Python shell opened on the remote computer using a shell buffer. I can cheat elpy by renaming the shell buffer with Python running in it to *Python*. It works, but it takes a while for elpy to send the code to the *Python* buffer. In ESS, there is a cool feature ess-remote that converts an R instance opened in shell buffer into an inferior ESS buffer. I wonder, whether there is en efficient way of doing the same with elpy.

  • Tangential to your actual question, but there is surely a way to start a python REPL from within Emacs, rather than running it from a shell? – phils Mar 23 '19 at 22:06
  • Yes, but the key here is the remote connection. I connect to remote high performance computing facilities using ssh through shell buffer, type in either R or ipyton and use the resulting buffer with scripts in my local machine. I could use tramp but I find it cumbersome. I think this seems to work fine with Spacemacs but it doesn't use elpy and the thing that bugs with me it is that their Python shell does not echo the input sent to the shell at all. Also, I had some problems with tramp when jumping through multiple machines. – A. Blizzard Mar 23 '19 at 22:19

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