In the quick capture window, I can add a deadline for 12pm today by typing C-c C-d 12pm:

** TODO test
DEADLINE: <2019-03-26 Tue 12:00>

If I add minutes with 12.30, it moves the date to 2030:

** TODO test
DEADLINE: <2030-04-12 Fri>

and 12.30pm is invalid.

Can I set minutes into a deadline in quick capture?

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    From what I've used, hours are written with colons, so you'd want to write 12:30. – user12563 Mar 26 '19 at 17:09

Minutes are separated from hours with colons rather than dots in org's date format. If you want to specify a hour, you want to write it as 12:30 rather than 12.30, which would be confused for a day and a month or a month and a year (like in your case).

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