I have a very large orgmode document that has internal links to many different parts of the document.

If I try to export a subtree that has an internal link that points to a part of the document outside of the subtree exported, I get an error

Unable to resolve the link: "Determinism"

to get around this, I've written

#+OPTIONS: broken-links:auto

which makes it so that when I export the subtree, it can export but in the export the link's title isn't exported, it's simply a blank spot.

Basically in the original document's subtree I'll have this internal link that points to outside of the subtree like this

Philosophers love [[determinism]]

but upon export It becomes

Philosophers love

and what I want in the export is

Philosophers love determinism

I'm wondering if this is achievable.

I'm using spacemacs on MacOS, Mojave.

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    I see the same behaviour with broken-links:t. This is not consistent with the documentation, which says the broken links are clearly marked in the output. You should report this as a bug. – Andrew Swann Apr 4 '19 at 18:13
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    This seems to still be the case even with what I believe is the latest version of org-mode unfortunately. – avv Jun 4 '20 at 6:55

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