Background: I've been working with a program that is about half Bash and half perl. I thought I'd give mmm-mode a try since it sounded like just the mode for me. I don't know lisp well enough to be useful.

I used "elpa" to install mmm-mode. It didn't install the documentation anyplace my emacs could find it. There was no mmm.info file anywhere on the system (though there was a texinfo file). So I downloaded the mmm-mode-master.zip and installed it. So far, so good.

I added the following to my ~/.emacs file.

(require 'mmm-auto)

(setq mmm-global-mode 'maybe)

(mmm-add-mode-ext-class 'perl-mode nil 'perl-shell-script)

(mmm-add-group 'perl-shell-script
    :submode shell-script-mode
    :face mmm-default-submode-face
    :front "#begin-shell-script-mode\n"
    :back "#end-shell-script-mode\n"
    :save-matches 1)))

I based this on this post: Multiple major modes in one buffer (e.g., python-mode & LaTeX-mode) I think the :save-matches is unused in my case, but it shouldn't be an error.

The problem: The <tab> key doesn't work within the "shell-script" portion of the file.

I "believe" that mmm-mode is working correctly. The highlighting changes. The mode line changes. It seems to contain the correct information: (Perl[Shell-script] MMM).

I checked the key binding (C-h k): TAB (translated from <tab>) runs the command indent-for-tab-command.

But all it really does is insert a '\t'.

I can't tell if the trouble is mmm-mode, shell-script-mode, or perl-mode (I'm not using cperl-mode at this point).

Any ideas?


Sample file:


while(<>) {

while getopts "ca" options; do
    case "\${options}" in
    c ) 
        echo "Cleaning up."
        exit 0
    a )
        echo "Setting auto clean up for %s."
    * )
        echo "Usage: \$0 [-c]"
        exit 1


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