Windows 10/ emacs 27.0.50.

I try to use <s with TAB to expand to a ‘src’ code block in org files. This doesn't work for me with my config.

When I execute Emacs with -q (-no-init-file) and it does work. But now I can't find problems package in the configuration file. I commented out whole .emacs. and tried deleting .emacs file, but anyway the behavior is repeated.

I don't have other configuration files (~/.emacs, ~/.emacs.el, or ~/.emacs.d/init.el).

Any suggestions?

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I think emacs -Q loads old version of org-mode. Template expansion was changed in 9.2. See more details in Release notes. The important quote from that page is

If you prefer using previous patterns, e.g. <s, you can activate them again by requiring Org Tempo library:

(require 'org-tempo)

or add it to org-modules


Other than muffinmad's answer I'd like you to examine what TAB is bound to in each case:

Do everything up to but not actually hitting TAB and hit C-h k (describe-key) and hit TAB at the prompt.

My emacs lists TAB is bound to org-cycle, is it the same in the working and not working environment of yours?

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