I am running emacs on a Linux machine to my Windows 10 desktop server (running VcXsrv I'd like to get a hollow-square cursor when the emacs window doesn't have keyboard focus, and a filled-square cursor when it does.

I am running the solarized-dark theme in case that makes a difference.

Can someone please lend me a clue?

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    Emacs does this out of the box with zero user-configuration. If your Emacs does something else, then you will need to find out where that occurs in your user-configuration. Look for the variables cursor-type and cursor-in-non-selected-windows. – lawlist Apr 14 at 22:48

Debugging pointed away from emacs and to my X-Server. In case anyone else has this issue, my problem is that when I lose keyboard focus by clicking on a Windows-10 window, the emacs focus-out-hook is not being called (presumably because the xserver is not posting the defocus event). When I lose keyboard focus by clicking on another X window, the cursor goes hollow as it should. (If I lose focus by clicking on a Windows-10 window and then click on a different X window, the focus-out event happens when I focus on the X window).

The emacs focus-out-hook is called when focus shifts to the other X window. It is not called on shifting to a Windows-10 window.

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    I thought you wanted hollow box and filled box. You might want to modify your answer or your question so they correspond. – Drew Apr 15 at 14:13

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