In auctex if one has a selected region and then apply the command c-c c-e (LaTeX-environment) then by selecting an environment, the selected region will be folded between that environment.

Is there a similar command to put a selected region between an ordinary command (not begin-end environments, but ordinary latex environment)?

As a specific example assume that one would like to put the selected region between the braces in \underline{}. Is there a command which takes the name of the environment (in this case unerline) then put the selected region between the braces in \underline{}?

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If I understand your question correctly, you're looking for C-c RET which invokes TeX-insert-macro.


AUCTeX provides Font-Specifiers that one can use for such environments as described in the question and which are used often. For instance the following code

(add-to-list 'LaTeX-font-list
  '(?\C-q "\\underline{" "}"))

will add underline to the list of font specifiers. This code must be called after LaTeX-font-list is defined. Then when you press C-c C-f C-q without selected region \underline{} will be created and the cursor is put between the braces. If you have a marked region then the result will be \underline{region}

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