I'm looking for ways to detect duplicate, not case-sensitive words in a text/latex document. Google turns up this elisp-macro


which completely solves my problem. But it can only handle one duplicate word at a time; I would have to run it again to find the next one, etc.

Question: Is it possible to modify this macro so that (1) it offers to delete the duplicate word, and (2) continue to find the next duplicate word until it is done? (like the built-in spell checker)

I am absolutely zero experience in elisp programming; apologies if I asked a trivial question. I also realize that this exact same question was posted in

Find and remove consecutive duplicated words while ignoring case

EDIT: Indeed I do not know how to use the answer provided in the post linked above -- I am a regexp newbie. Any help/clarification is most appreciative.

  • "I also realize that this exact same question was posted" - so are you having trouble using the answer to that question? – npostavs Apr 19 '19 at 19:52

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