When I do M-x orgstruct-mode (in, e.g. shell script mode, after setting orgstruct-heading-prefix-regexp to "#") and make some comments serve as headings, these comments look like all other comments. How could I highlight them so that they stand out as headings, i.e. look different from regular comments?

  • orgstruct-mode has been removed from the org-mode code base as of September 2017. It was removed from the released org-mode as of release 9.2. You probably should not be using it for anything at this point. See the ORG-NEWS file for possible workarounds, starting at line 247 (although that line number is going to get outdated fairly quickly, so you have to hurry: alternatively, searching for "9.2" in the file is more robust). – NickD Apr 22 at 1:51

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