I use org-publish-project-alist to maintain my personal webpage. On my local machine, I have dozens of git-repos where I develop files I want to share on my webpage. Currently, I'm using hardlinks to include these files in my project. Recently, I've realized that this project would be easier to maintain if I could put symlinks to my files in my project directory and have org publish the actual files that the symlinks point to. Is this possible?

For instance, suppose I have a file foo.pdf in a directory mylocaldir on my machine

$ tree /home/me/mylocaldir/
├── foo.pdf

I'd like my org project to have a symlink pointing to foo.pdf

$ ln -s /home/me/mylocaldir/foo.pdf /home/me/myorgproject/foo.pdf

When I publish myorgproject, I'd like emacs to publish the file foo.pdf as a pdf, not as a symlink.

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