I would like to be able to complete command-line arguments with spaces in eshell with helm, like so :

evince A\ file\ with\ a\ lot\ of\ spaces.pdf

Using helm and pcomplete works fine (spaces are escaped) but a bit tedious to use outside the current directories (tedious as in I could do it in the terminal directly !).

If I want files in upper directories, I have tried to use helm-find-files, then complete-at-point (mapped to C-c i). Unfortunately, the filename is inserted "as is", without spaces being escaped.

Is there a way to use complete-at-point with shell escaping ? Thanks !

Edit : To run a program on a single file, I have found 2 options :

  1. Locate the file with helm-find-files and then run an eshell command on the file (M-!). Aliases are possible to make it easier.
  2. Or use projectile to locate the file and use Open file externally (C-c C-x). It saves the default program so that's better than solution 1.

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