The Emacs *shell* has a nice command history accessible via C-c C-l (comint-dynamic-list-input-ring). However, in classic Emacs fashion, the *Input History* buffer which displays the history is not selected automatically. I want to change this.

Trouble is, I can't get a reference for the *Input History* buffer.

My thought is to write a wrapper around the comint-dynamic-list-input-ring function which calls the command and then switches to the *Input History* buffer.

(defun my-see-shell-history ()
  "Open comint command history and switch to *Input History* buffer.

     (switch-to-buffer-other-window "*Input History*"))

This doesn't work. Nothing happens; no error, no change in buffer focus. Nada.

If I try the following, a new buffer called *Input History* is created:

  1. M-: (comint-dynamic-list-input-ring)
  2. M-: (switch-to-buffer-other-window "*Input History*")

What's confusing is that the *Input History* created by comint-dynamic-list-input-ring seems to be a buffer that doesn't exist. I can have the *Input History* buffer open on my screen (after calling C-c C-l) yet it doesn't show up in M-x list-buffers. However, I can manually select the buffer and run M-: (current-buffer) and see that it is #<buffer *Input History*>.

What's going on here? How can I reference the *Input History* buffer?

  • You can't access the input history buffer as it's an ephemeral buffer (as its name begins with space) and so the list-buffers and buffer-menu commands don’t mention it. I tried using temp-buffer-show-hook to spot this buffer and select its window but for some reason it was never selected - perhaps that's also because it's an ephemeral buffer?
    – stevoooo
    Apr 30 '19 at 12:37

Oh, we can do this just by advising the comint-dynamic-list-input-ring function:

(defadvice comint-dynamic-list-input-ring (before advice activate)
  (push ?\a unread-command-events))

(defadvice comint-dynamic-list-input-ring (after advice activate)
  (other-window 1))

The "after" advice does the actual work of switching to the other window - you might also want to move point to somewhere more useful of course. The "before" advice is required as the comint-dynamic-list-input-ring function waits for the space key to be pressed to dismiss the input history buffer. Here we just fake a different key which gets ignored and leaves the input history buffer up.

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