So I have a couple of IMAP accounts on the same host, and have a .folders with this kind of content:

%:account1/login@myhost.se:993! /
%:account2/login@myhost.se:993! /

What happens is that it will happily connect to one of the accounts (the first on in sort alphanum order, it seems), but for all others (I tried with 3), I get these messages (in *Messages*):

Auto plugged off at myhost.se:993 :elmo-network-initialize-session
elmo-network-open-session: Cannot open: elmo-network-initialize-session

I can only assume that it holds a cache of connections sorted by host, and thereby doesn't allow more than one connection per host, am I guessing that correctly? If that is the case, does anyone have a not too clumsy work-around?

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