I've got this section in my init:

(setq electric-pair-pairs '(
                            (?\{ . ?\})
                            (?\( . ?\))
                            (?\[ . ?\])
                            (?\" . ?\")
(electric-pair-mode t)

which I assume does a right partner match when you type the left version of those symbols above. Trouble is, when I'm in an org file something is being too aggressive, i.e., something wants to immediately right-match a < with a >, which has become a nuisance. Oddly, this behavior is only in an org-mode file, others file types, no. So yes, electric-pair (which is a built-in mode) might not be at issue at all -- but I can't think of any other situation that gives this feature, hence, I mention it as a starting point.

In addition, while I'm in an org file, check-parens flags the occasional > as mismatched and won't be happy until I completely remove the "offender". For example:

> mkdir .emacs.d

in my config.org is flagged by check-parens and complains until I get rid of the >. I can't help but feel these two issues are related. AFAIK, this is only in org-mode files. I'm on latest 9.2.3 org-mode in Emacs 26.2 on Ubuntu 19.04.

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