projectile-greps are probably the commands that I use the most. However, with some very large projects I am frequently interested in grepping only one subdirectory of the project. For my greps I usually use helm-projectile-agbut it recursively greps in project's root.

The closest think that I have found is helm-do-grep-ag but it works on default-directory. To achieve the effect on grepping specific directory I first have to set that directory as default-directory.

How do you achieve grepping in project's subdirectory? Is there some parameter that I am terribly missing somewhere?

  • At minimum, M-x rgrep will let you do this. (or M-x lgrep if you don't want recursive searching). I'd be surprised if other facilities don't have that as an option, though. Have you tried using a prefix argument? – phils May 2 '19 at 0:01

For grep itself, M-x rgrep (recursive from specified directory), and M-x lgrep (specified directory only) let you do this.

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To achieve what you described I use: helm-ag package. helm-do-ag interactive function will prompt you for the directory where to search. Just bind it to your preferred key shortcut.

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