I am new to Emacs. I can invoke a shell or eshell using M-x shell or M-x eshell. This created a shell and I can run executables from it. By default, this shell is in the same window as my source code. So, I can switch between the source code and the shell using: C-x Right/ Left.

I would like to have this shell to be side by side with my source code. So, I tried to do : C-x 3. This creates a vertical split. I then have shell on 1 side and source code on the other. But, how do I switch back and forth between the splits? I can click on which split I want, but I am struggling to find the shortcut to switch.

Please help


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The command to change from one window to another as you describe is other-window which is bound to C-x o by default.


For two windows, C-x o works just fine. But what if you want more than two? Circling through them can be a pain, especially since there's no way to go backwards.

This is why it wasn't long before I discovered window-number-mode. There is also Window Numbering Mode which has the benefit of being a Melpa package and lets you use Meta+number to switch windows.

Check those out when you start getting tired of C-x o

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