I found that refiling a subtree to another file does not move footnotes. Does that have to be done manually, or is there a feature that has to be turned on?

  • I was wondering about this as well. I do it manually. I suspect more advanced users would develop their own solutions for this. – Sati Feb 25 at 12:34
  • Check out this thread over here – Sati Feb 25 at 12:41
  • stackoverflow.com/questions/33885244/… Possible duplicate of this question. – Sati Feb 25 at 12:46
  • @Sati, if I remember correctly it may be possible (automatically) to move the footnotes into the tree first, then move it, and then move them out again. – Toothrot Feb 25 at 13:17
  • If we know how to toggle between inline and footnote-section footnotes, then this should be easy. – Sati Feb 25 at 13:35

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