While typing in a SQL mode buffer, I noticed that -* starts a block comment. Why?

It happens whenever I type an asterisk/star character (ASCII 42) directly after a simple dash/hyphen/minus character (ASCII 45).

I thought it might be due to -*- something -*- buffer hints, but it does not happen in other modes like C++ mode, so it seems to be something else. It does not depend on the SQL dialect I choose.

I tried searching in code but gave up as -* gave way too many hits (match zero or more dashes) and -\* gave none.

Maybe it's because - is the first (and second) character of a comment-start sequence (--) and * is the second character of a comment-start sequence (/*). I used M-x describe-char to find this. Following this rationale *- should work as a comment-end sequence, but it does not.

I only tested GNU Emacs version 26.2 (on Windows).

Is there any way to fix this behavior?



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