Whenever I run gud-print (C-xC-aC-p) with my cursor positioned on a variable while debugging with GUD (specifically via the gdb command), I get the message "Text is read-only" in the echo area. I can't figure out why this is happening. I tried (setq debug-on-message "Text is read-only") but never entered a backtrace after that message appeared again. I've tried various other Elisp debugging methods with no success (never entering a backtrace). I have tried running Emacs in a terminal and also X11; both attempts result in this error. I am using Cygwin if that makes a difference.

How can I get that message to go away and get gud-print to behave normally? Or better yet, what are some clever ways that I can diagnose this issue myself?

Edit for clarity: Variable values are not displayed anywhere. The only perceivable outcome of gud-print is the "Text is read-only" message being displayed in the echo area.

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