What I mean is, can I add a URL to my Emacs bookmarks, such that selecting the bookmark runs the URL through browse-url?

Desired behavior

What I would like is a bookmark-set-url function that prompts for a url, say emacs.stackexchange.com. Then when I run bookmark-jump, emacs.stackechange.com appears in my bookmarks, and selecting it runs (browse-url "emacs.stackexchange.com").

This is analogous to bookmark-set, which sets a bookmark that points at the current location.

Is this behavior—or something similar—available in Emacs? If not is it possible to augment bookmarks (or bookmarks+) to support it?

The reason I want this is that bookmark-jump feels like a general purpose targeted navigation command. Browser URLs feel like an extension of that idea, despite the fact that they switch to a different application.


The following seems working from here (I don't use the Bookmarks feature, and I ain't familir with its protocol.), I tested it with:

M-x your-bookmark-set-url https://example.com
M-x bookmark-jump https://example.com
(defun your-bookmark-set-url (url)
  (interactive "sBookmark URL: ")
  (if (assoc url bookmark-alist)
      (user-error "%s is already bookmarked" url)
    (push `(,url . ((handler . ,(lambda (bookmark)
                                  (browse-url (car bookmark))))))

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