When creating a new buffer via:

  1. C-x b
  2. NonExistentBufferName RET RET

I would like Emacs to prompt me for the major mode this buffer is going to use upon opening. Moreover, I want Emacs to infer the major mode in some cases based on the buffer's name:

  1. C-x b
  2. test.org(no such buffer/file so far) RET RET => org-mode is used without asking me anything.

Could anybody advice on how I can achieve this? Package or, probably, just pure elisp with its hooks and advice?

P.S. I'm using ido if it matters.


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I know this is not exactly what you're asking, but the Emacs way to solve this problem is to use C-x C-f instead of C-x b (if you don't want to create a file, just don't use C-x C-s in that buffer).

  • Thanks, @Stefan, for such a prompt response. Yeah, that seems to be a solution. I was a bit worried about the scenario when I finally decide to save that buffer. If it is already associated with a path and I want to change the final location, it is a problem. But seems like C-x C-w solves this problem. Commented May 11, 2019 at 20:30

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