Question: How can I retrieve, over a set of files S (in particular: over my agenda files + their archive files) all org-mode headers that are marked "CLOSED" (i.e., have a "CLOSED" stamp like CLOSED: [2019-05-11 Sat 18:11]), so that I may then run an operation over them? My particular use case is to grab all headers that satisfy the above property, so that I can then grab each of their org-property :T:, and sum them together. So for example if I have

# File1
  CLOSED: [2019-05-01 Wed 18:13]
:T: 1

# File2
  CLOSED: [2019-05-11 Sat 18:13]
:T: 2
  CLOSED: [2019-05-11 Sat 18:13]
:T: 3

I'd like to run a function like (sum--all-T-from "[2019-05-10]" "[2019-05-11]") to get as answer 5.

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First you need a predicate function to determine whether the closed timestamp is within the specified range. If it is and the headline contains a T property, add the value of T to the list and return the sum of all numbers in the list.

(defun timestamp-within-range-p (start-date end-date ts)
  "Non-nil if TS is within START-DATE and END-DATE."
  (or (and (time-less-p
        (org-time-string-to-time start-date)
        (org-time-string-to-time ts))
        (org-time-string-to-time ts)
        (org-time-string-to-time end-date)))
      (equal (format-time-string "[%F]" (org-time-string-to-time ts))
      (equal (format-time-string "[%F]" (org-time-string-to-time ts))

(defun sum--all-T-from (start-date end-date)
  (let (closed)
     (lambda ()
       (when (and (assoc "CLOSED" (org-entry-properties))
                  (org-entry-get nil "T"))
         (let ((ts (assoc-default "CLOSED" (org-entry-properties))))
           (when (timestamp-within-range-p start-date end-date ts)
             (push (string-to-number (org-entry-get nil "T")) closed)))))
     nil 'agenda-with-archives)
    (apply '+ closed)))

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