this is an odd behavior which seems to happen for some docker-compose commands but not others.

If I try to evaluate certain commands like

 #+BEGIN_SRC sh dir: .
      docker-compose exec app rspec

I get a message, "Code block produced no output." And I also get a *Org-Babel Error Output* buffer containing the text "the input device is not a TTY."

So, I try passing the -T flag, which is supposed to "disable pseudo-tty allocation." This gives me an empty error output buffer, and once again, "code block produced no output."

what makes it more strange is that certain commands do work:

    docker-compose ps

  | Name              | Command | State | Ports |        |   |     |    |                        |
  | ----------------- |         |       |       |        |   |     |    |                        |
  | todolists_app_1   | bundle  | exec  | rails | server | 0 | ... | Up |>3000/tcp |

And, of course, running these commands in a terminal or Eshell produces the desired output.

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