The docs describe the stuck project's level in The Org Manual: Stuck projects

The built-in default assumes that all your projects are level-2 headlines, and that a project is not stuck if it has at least one entry marked with a TODO keyword ‘TODO’ or ‘NEXT’ or ‘NEXTACTION’.

I changed level-2 to 50

(defcustom org-stuck-projects
  '("+LEVEL=50/-DONE" ("TODO" "NEXT" "NEXTACTION") nil "")

So if only any todos in a project, it should not be categorized as stuck.

Unfortunately, it did not work properly.

M-x org-agenda-list-stuck projects listed two jobs.

List of stuck projects: 
  os:         PROJECT Fulfill Utilities
  os:         PROJECT Org Mode

Project Org Mode has todos whithin it, although a bit far from the top heading.

enter image description here

How could get it configured properly?

  • Why did you change it to level 50? Looks like your projects are at level 1. You should use setq instead of defcustom to change the value of org-stuck-projects. Was unfortunately no able to reproduce this in any way. Can you place an example file somewhere? – Hubisan May 28 at 8:34

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