Since fill-column-indicator is no longer actively maintained, how can I visualize the fill-column?

The fill-column-indicator package was quite heavy and had compatibility issues with other packages.

Possible solutions:

  • Enable line highlighting hl-line-mode only highlighting up until the fill-column.
  • Display a character on the current line at the fill-column.

... maybe others options I'm unaware of.

Insufficient Solutions:

Noting these since I've seen them posted as answers to similar questions.

  • Displaying a marker on the mode-line:

    Too far away from the current line to be useful.

  • Using whitespace mode to highlight text beyond the fill column.

    While better than nothing. I'd like to be able to see this limit while typing (before I exceed it).

  • ColumnMarker

    Only highlights columns that contains text, again, no way to see the column indicator before you reach it.

  • Emacs master has a branch that is called fill-column-indicator that is being developed. I'm not fond of it because it cannot intersect characters, but it is what it is. I have been working on feature requests 17684 / 22873 for the past three+ years and anticipate submitting the next draft patch in a week or so; however, it may never be adopted by the powers that be. As part of 17684 / 22873, I have a visible fill column indicator that can intersect characters -- but it is for only GUI versions of Emacs. – lawlist May 18 '19 at 0:18
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