In a list of files I have org tasks with the property E such that each E is marked with an interval range.

* Some task1
:E: [E1, E3]

* Some task2
:E: [E4, E7]

...and so forth.

Question: How can I search through files and obtain an agenda view of all tasks that intersect within a range min to max?

So for example (search files 3 7) should display tasks that have, i,e., [E2, E4], [E4, E5] or [E6, E8] but not display tasks have [E1, E2] or [E8, E9].

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First collect the range of all entries that have an :E: property, and then check which of those intersect with the MIN to MAX range (see cl-intersection). Finally, create a regular expression of all entries matched, passing it to the org-search-view function.

(defun get-range (min max)
  (cl-loop for range from min to max
           collect range))

(defun search (files min max)
  (let (regexp
        (org-agenda-files files))
     (lambda ()
       (when-let* ((el (org-element-at-point))
                   (e (org-element-property :E el))
                   (range (replace-regexp-in-string "[^[:digit:] ]" "" e))
                   (range (mapcar 'string-to-number (split-string range " ")))
                   (range (get-range (cl-first range) (cl-second range)))
                   (line (regexp-quote e)))
         (when (and (cl-intersection range (get-range min max))
                    (not (member line lines)))
           (push line lines)
           (setq regexp (mapconcat #'identity lines "\\|")))))
     nil 'agenda)
    (unless (null lines)
      (org-search-view nil (concat "{" regexp "}")))))

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