What I'm doing:

If I define a test like:

(ert-deftest tmp-test ()   
  "failing test"   
  :expected-result :failed
  (should (eql (+ 1 0) 2)))

and then I run

M-x ert-run-tests-automatically ;; with selector t

My cursor jumps to the *ert* test buffer and I can view the failing test

f tmp-test
    failing test
        (+ 1 0)
      (eql 1 2)
      :value nil))

However when I move my cursor over the "tmp-test" link and press enter instead of switching windows/buffers and jumping the cursor to the test definition like I assume should happen I see the message "Don't know where 'tmp-test' is defined" printed in the minibuffer.


How do I tell ert where to find my test definitions?

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I think this depends on how you did the "I define a test like". More specifically it depends if you do it by loading a file that contains this test or if you use M-: or M-C-x.

More specifically, it should work if you M-x load-file the file that contains the test, whereas I'm not surprised if it doesn't work when you define it via something like M-C-x or M-: or C-x C-e.

  • Yep, that was it. running load-file allows me to jump to the test like I expected. Jun 5, 2019 at 14:08

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