I debug a python source file with

M-x realgud:ipdb then call ipdb as python3 -m pdb <sourcepath> <args>

I get 2 windows: ipdb ... shell and my source buffer.

How can I get the line being debugged to be highlighted?

  • I also get this WARNING: your terminal doesn't support cursor position requests (CPR). – MMM Jun 8 at 12:30

There are a number of things you write that don't line up.

python3 -m pdb <sourcepath> <args>

invokes pdb, not ipdb. realgud looks for a prompt, and the one for ipdb is ipdb>. The prompt for pdb is (Pdb) and will not trigger look for postiion informatation when the wrong kind of prompt is printed.

Finally, I should say that if your are using Python and realgud trepan3k interacts with realgud much better.

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