After typing C-c / / and a regex, org shows a sparse tree containing matches of the pattern.

How do I move point through these matches, in a way similar to C-s?


Use the command next-error that is bound to the key sequence C-x ` (the second char is a backtick).

As Omar pointed out in his comment, there is also a global keymap for motion commands bound to M-g. M-g ? gives the following listing:

Global Bindings Starting With M-g:  
key             binding  
---             -------  

M-g TAB     move-to-column  
M-g ESC     Prefix Command  
M-g c       goto-char  
M-g g       goto-line  
M-g n       next-error  
M-g p       previous-error  

M-g M-g     goto-line  
M-g M-n     next-error  
M-g M-p     previous-error  

Note that M-g n, M-g M-n are bound to next-error and M-g p, M-g M-p to previous-error which is also working together with org-occur.

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  • It may be worth pointing out that next-error is also bound to M-g M-n. That binding has a companion for previous-error, namely M-g M-p. – Omar Jun 14 '19 at 2:27
  • @Omar Thanks. I was not aware of the M-g keymap. It is really precious! – Tobias Jun 14 '19 at 8:54

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