So what I am looking for is to Schedule repeatable events with TODO keywords where as soon as in org agenda I mark a TODO item as DONE, just that one event be marked as DONE rather than all of the repeatable events. If possible, maybe somehow mark the state as DONE in logs and someway to inhibit the event to show up in agenda where it is logged as DONE.

So pretty much like:

<2019-06-21 Fri +1d> 

just using diary sexp. The TODO events, I am looking to repeat, are not scheduled in a very regular fashion, but they do have a pattern which can be captured with sexp.

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    AFAIK, it can't be done with current code: org calculates when the next invocation is supposed to occur in order to add it to the agenda, but it does not repeat that calculation when marking the item DONE. The usual suggestion is to not use a diary sexp for these cases; instead, create multiple instances of the item to cover all the times you are interested in. org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift can be helpful with this. – NickD Jun 21 at 16:26

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