After updating emacs (to 25.2.2 as shipping in ubuntu 18.04) I notice a change that completely breaks my conflict resolution flow in git. Once I resolve a conflict using emacs and save the file, emacs automatically does "git add" on the file. This may seem convenient but it removes the chance to see the resulting "3-way conflict diff" (I have no idea what this is really called in git speak).

Is there a way to disable this auto-add of the resolved file? I have tried disabling smerge-mode in the buffer before saving but that does not seem to help. I can't even figure out which mode is doing the actual auto-add either.

On further investigation the problematic behaviour seems to be caused by the vc-git-resolve-when-done hook. So the question seems to be how to disable this after-save-hook.

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This behaviour is controlled by the vc-git-resolve-conflicts variable. Setting this to nil removes automatic git-add after conflict resolution.

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