I want to write a command which uses a prefix argument and reads some strings.

I know both parts individually:

(defun xtest(arg)
  (interactive "P")

reads the prefix arg.

(defun xtest(t1 t2)
  (interactive "stEins: \nstZwei: ")
  (message "%s %s %s" arg t1 t2))```

reads two strings. But when I put it together to use both:

(defun xtest(arg t1 t2)
  (interactive "PstEins: \nstZwei: ")

then I get on execution of the command the error "funcall-interactively: Wrong number of arguments".

How do I set up the function definition correctly?


Your string example shows that you already know how to separate multiple interactive arguments, by putting a newline between each one in the interactive spec.

So rather than:

(interactive "PstEins: \nstZwei: ")

You wanted:

(interactive "P\nstEins: \nstZwei: ")
  • Cool! I though the newline is just a divider for strings...
    – halloleo
    Jul 4 '19 at 5:01

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