This is using pandoc under Emacs. Header 'Command' seems to be centered, but 'Side effect' seems right justified. I tried the solutions here, to no avail. Any suggestion?

Command | Input | Output | Side effect|
 || help  | |
```bash script.sh <INPUT>```  | A location in the filesystem| | Creates a workspace |
```bash script.sh <INPUT>```  | [Xyz](https://www.code.org/) entries | [aaa's](https://www.code.org/)||
```bash script.sh <INPUT>```  | [aaa](https://www.code.org/)'s| [bbb](http://www.code.org/) entries ||
```bash script.sh <INPUT>```  | [bbb](http://www.code.org/) entries | human readable ids||
```bash script.sh <INPUT>``` | [ddd](http://www.code.org/) entries | table optimized for [Emacs](https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/)||
```bash script.sh <INPUT>``` | Location where resides the workspace  || Updates the workspace|


Content of ~/.emacs:

 '(markdown-command "\"/usr/local/bin/pandoc\"")
 '(package-selected-packages (quote (realgud markdown-mode auctex lua-mode org))))

M-x describe-mode:

Enabled minor modes: Auto-Composition Auto-Compression Auto-Encryption
Blink-Cursor Electric-Indent File-Name-Shadow Font-Lock Global-Eldoc
Global-Font-Lock Line-Number Menu-Bar Mouse-Wheel Tool-Bar Tooltip

(Information about these minor modes follows the major mode info.)

Markdown mode defined in ‘markdown-mode.el’:
Major mode for editing Markdown files.
$ pandoc --version
pandoc 2.7.3
$ emacs --version
GNU Emacs 25.2.2
  • That's the web browser's default style for HTML table. You need to use the CSS for different look. – xuchunyang Jul 4 '19 at 9:54

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