Using tmuxinator with Vim/Tmux, it's possible to define a custom YAML layout with multiple windows that execute shell commands automatically as they load.

For example:

name: my-project
root: ~/Workspace/my-project

  - UI: 
      - cd ui
      - vim . 
  - API: 
      - cd api
      - vim .
  - UI-Server:
      - cd ui
      - npm serve 

Will open a UI and API window in the my-project directory, launch vim in each, and open a UI-server window and start the server.

Is it possible to do something similar with Spacemacs?

This article goes over some of the macros for arranging windows in custom layouts, but it doesn't cover the execution of shell commands.

If this is possible in spacemacs, what is the canonical way to do it?

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