I use yasnippet in orgmode to expand codeblocks of Python and start typing code. My snippet is defined as:

# -*- mode: snippet -*-
# name: emacs-jupyter code block for python (silent)
# key: <spp
# --
#+BEGIN_SRC jupyter-python :session py :results silent output :async yes

When I create the snippet and expand it, the cursor is positioned at the $1 so I can start typing. Pressing TAB again positions the cursor after #+END_SRC.

Problem: After pressing <spp TAB, I can start typing, but yasnippet displays the text being typed in green, instead of using the colors for the Python language: 1 The correct colors are only displayed after pressing TAB again to finish typing, or manually moving the cursor out of the code block: 2

Question: How can I disable the green color yasnippet is using?


Probably just change $1 to $0. That will just put the cursor there to start typing.

From the documentation:

Tab stops are fields that you can navigate back and forth by TAB and S-TAB. They are written by $ followed with a number. $0 has the special meaning of the exit point of a snippet. That is the last place to go when you've traveled all the fields.

Instead of using $1, using $0 implies that after expanding the snippet (i.e., <spp TAB), the cursor will be placed at $0, which is the exit point of the snippet. When the cursor reaches the exit point, the green highlighting disappears.


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