I switched from the default theme to wombat and now the current line is highlighted and underlined.

With the default theme, it is only highlighted

My init.el file has:

(global-hl-line-mode 1)

How do I only highlight the current line and not underline it while changing themes ?


In this case wombat modifies the highlight face (which hl-line inherits from), but the theme does not modify hl-line itself. So you'll need to decide which face you actually want to adjust.

Edit the theme:

  • M-x custom-theme-visit-theme RET wombat RET
  • Expand the Highlight face.
  • Edit out the :underline t
  • Click on "Save Theme"

Or you could leave that face, and add theme support for the hl-line face:

  • M-x custom-theme-visit-theme RET wombat RET
  • Select "Insert Additional Face" and enter hl-line
  • Expand that and select "Show All Attributes"
  • Tick "Underline" and set its value to "Off" if necessary
  • Click on "Save Theme"

Alternatively, leave the theme and just customize the highlight (or hl-line) face to ensure underlining is off:

  • M-x customize-face RET highlight RET
    • or hl-line, if you only want to affect that
  • Select "Show All Attributes"
  • Tick "Underline", set its value to "Off" if necessary, and click "Apply and Save"
  • You may wish to un-tick other attributes of that face, should they conflict with your theme.
  • Thanks for the detailed explanation. The alternate option is better IMO – Saurabh Jul 6 '19 at 10:03
  • It does depend a bit on your usage. I found that customizing the hl-line face directly (using the alternative/latter method) worked well with this theme, but customizing highlight meant the colours clashed badly with the theme -- but removing that colour would affect other themes as well (e.g. no colour highlight at all in the default theme). There are pros and cons either way. – phils Jul 6 '19 at 10:13

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