Emacs 26.1

I select the next text:


C-s , then paste text onto the search string.

Here result:

enter image description here

Why text is not in UPPER CASE? It's always in lower case?

  • Isearch does not use the minibuffer. – Drew Jul 7 '19 at 15:39

why in minibuffer text is always in lower case?

It isn't. This is just an isearch feature.

See C-hv search-upper-case

C-s , then paste text in minibuffer.

For clarity (maybe), in your example you're not pasting anything into the minibuffer. The search prompt is being displayed in the echo area (which shares its window with the minibuffer), and you're not in the minibuffer when you paste. So this feature of isearch doesn't actually affect the minibuffer at all.

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