I cloned such a template

(add-to-list 'org-capture-templates
             '("d" "Diary"
               entry (file "~/ORG/src/diary.org")
               "* %u \n** Log\n\n*** Tasks\n\n** Creating Writing" ;;heading必须要紧跟在\n\n后面.
               :empty-lines 1

It display the timestamp as

[2019-07-09 Tue]
** Log

** Creative Writing 

How could re-format the timestamp as

Tue Jul-09

I typed C-h v (aka M-x describe-variable) and then org-capture-templates .... A cursory review of the doc-string led me to an interesting entry as follows: "%<...> The result of format-time-string on the ... format specification." So, now we can look up the function format-time-string -- C-h f (aka M-x describe-function) and see how to customize the output ...

Here is a snippet of a component of my customization of org-capture-templates:

DEADLINE: <%<%Y-%m-%d %a>>

which gives me ... DEADLINE: <2019-07-08 Mon> ... assuming that is the current date when creating the task/event.

  • changed it to ` "* <%a %b-%d\n>** Log\n\n*** Tasks\n\n** Creative w", but it does not work. – Algebra Jul 9 at 3:06
  • 1
    Does this work?: <%<%a %b-%d>>\n – lawlist Jul 9 at 3:22
  • amazing , it works perfectly. – Algebra Jul 9 at 4:26
  • 1
    The org-capture.el library uses a hard-coded regular expression matching forms described in the doc-string of org-capture-templates -- in older versions of org-mode, the regexp looks like "%<\\([^>\n]+\\)>" and "%\\([tTuUaliAcxkKInfF]\\)". In newer versions of org-mode, the regexp looks like "%\\(:[-a-za-z]+\\|<\\([^>\n]+\\)>\\|[aAcfFikKlntTuUx]\\)". By using a particular format when customizing org-capture-templates that will match the hard-coded regexp in org-capture.el, the desired result can be achieved .... – lawlist Jul 9 at 4:49
  • ty for the detailed tutorial. – Algebra Jul 9 at 6:05

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