I often find myself in a command that queries for a filename e.g. diff-tell-file-name. This command asks me what file to apply a diff to.

In my case, often the file does not exist and I would like to create it. helm-find-file allows for creating new files just by typing in their name. However lots of helmified commands DO NOT allow you to do so and just echoes the error: [No match]

I would want to run helm-find-file while inside the minibuffer prompt but that apparently is not allowed and gives the error helm: Error: Trying to run helm within a running helm session.

Is there a way to "suspend" a query and then get back to it? Is there a way to modify or advise a helmified command to allow it to accept non-existent files create them on the go.

I feel I am missing how to effectively use helm. Thanks

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