I am editing configuration files with emacs on remote hosts using ssh connection. It works perfectly. But I recently made RSA keys and now I can connect to these hosts with the keys without password, but emacs cannot. It is waiting for a long time with message "waiting for prompts from remote shell" and after that says that timeout reached. I do not understand what is wrong, please clarify :) Thanks, guys!

Thanks for your answers. Will investigate it. ZhengHu, I do not think that the deal is about shell settings, because Emacs can connect with these settings when I do not use RSA ssh key...

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  • Seems your problem is quite common: wikemacs.org/wiki/… Why is my answer autmatically -1 voted …… – ZhengHu Jul 12 at 8:51
  • This needs further analysis, especially Tramp traces. Stackexchange is not suited for this kind of analysis, so I recommend you to write a Tramp bug report. – Michael Albinus Jul 12 at 11:00

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