Upon invoking dired with C-x d, it display

enter image description here

Five of the files have already been marked automatically ,

Consult with the manual of operation on files

Strik U and * u to remove the mark but failed.

How could remove the auto-generated marks

BTW, what's ?? mean?

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Do you see this if you start Emacs using emacs -Q? If not then bisect your init file to find the culprit.

That should always be the first step when trying to investigate some problem or something you wonder about: find out whether the problem comes from Emacs or yourself -- i.e., code that you have, one way or another, added to Emacs.

I think you are using some code (other than what comes with emacs -Q) that does this. Vanilla Emacs (emacs -Q) does not do it. For one thing, there is no predefined mark M. Likewise, there is no predefined ??. And that's really both a ? mark, in the mark position, plus a second ? after that position.

To remove the marks (however they were created), did you try M-DEL (<M-backspace>) followed by RET? That's command dired-unmark-all-files, and a simple RET at the prompt removes all marks, of any kind. That should include the mysterious M marks.

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